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Facts worth Noting About Cultural Appreciation and Appropriation

Could you be wondering what cultural Appreciation is as well as cultural appropriation? Or are you Wondering if the two are different? Fundamentally, the two are different and it will be good to understand each one of them. Around the globe, there are different Cultural beliefs, practices and traditions that are observed by different ethnic groups. It’s good to observe cultural practices and beliefs sometimes because they make you learn quite a lot if you are from that particular ethnic group. Nevertheless, it is not only the members of those group settings that can be able to observe their Cultural values. This is because most of these Cultural values are usually open to anyone out there.

You will find that most Cultural values are observed by people within the same locality. Nonetheless, even if you go far away from your lane or country, you can as well choose to retain your culture wherever you go. At the same time, when you go to another place which may be a local place or international place, you will find people with different Cultural values. In order to fit in such a society, you may need to learn their culture and practice it for you to have an easier time to mingle with those people. There is a deep insight in whichever culture that is practiced out there. Apparently, due to the fact that various groupings respect different Cultural practices, it has become a normal to have Cultural festivals where different ethnic groups showcase their culture to the rest of the people.

It is during such occasions that some people may like certain Cultural values and choose to adopt them or practice them. In such instances, this is where Cultural appreciation comes in as well as cultural appropriation. Essentially, cultural appreciation can be described as a way of honoring another culture by trying to find out more about the culture and understanding it and finally adopting it. On the other hand, cultural appropriation is when you adopt certain elements of a particular culture yet it is unacknowledged. Cultural appropriation can be quite controversial sometimes and does not go well with many people. In most cases, each culture will always want to have some identify.

This means, they will do anything to protect their culture as well as anything identified with their culture. However, with the modernization that we have, you realize that most entrepreneurs use the identity of a certain Cultural groupings for their own gain without seeking consent from the people of that cultural groupings. This is where it becomes controversial because some of these cultures are well protected by the law. Hence, if you go against the law, you will be violating their cultural values and you can be sued. This is where Cultural Appropriation becomes real and can create a very huge backlash from the owners of that culture. For more details about cultural Appreciation and Appropriation, you can click to this website and you will be able to learn quite a lot.

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